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Hiya everyone, I’ve started a new series of creature sculpts from a recent client. In this series I was given a 3 day timeframe for each character since they were being created for an Ipad game called Contact 2320 from Lucidwizard. The client didn’t want me to spend tons of time on each character so I decided to record each creature’s sculpting and polypainting process to see what I can actually achieve within an 8 hr timeframe. (Time I allocated to myself)

At times I can be a very unorthodox modeler as you’ll see in these 8 different alien creatures. In total each model you will see took 3 days from sculpt to real-time model. I hope you enjoy and possibly learn something new.

I decided to make them free with the option to tip if you wanted to be overly generous, but I’m more about sharing my experiences here.

Get the files


What I learnt today


That Lazy Nezumi ProΒ is the one tool that every digital artist should have in their arsenal. My frustration of drawing clean curvy lines in Photoshop has finally come to an end! No more Photoshop! Now you work like you’re supposed to πŸ™‚

Take a look at the link for yourself and give the trial a spin, you can thank me later πŸ˜‰


Hello world!


Welcome to Ispyr Arts. I’ll try my best to fill this space with interesting topics and news as I progress πŸ™‚